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Biking from Venlo to Santiago de Compostella for Education in Congo.

Our Challenge.

Our long distance St Jacobs Route (Camino) biking challenge starts on May 1st in Venlo - the Netherlands, leads via Maastricht, Bastogne, Nevers, Oloron Ste. Marie, Pamplona, Léon, and ends 27th May in Santiago de Compostella - Spain. A beautiful old pelgrims route. In total 2.485 km and 24.000 hm, every day ~100 km and ~1.000 hm, whatever the conditions!

Our fundraising target is 12.485 euro, meaning 5 euros per 1 km / 10 hm. That must be possible with your help. More is welcome.

We thank you.

Adrie van Eersel, Roman Trödthandl, Gerard Pieterse

Our Edukans Action.

Effective teachers for better learning results, multiplying active teaching in Congo.

Worldwide 264 million children don’t go to school or prematurely stop going. Edukans (https://edukans.org/) works among other things on quality education in developing countries. By providing safe learning environments, good teachers, effective school leadership and concerned parents and community.

The long term objective of the programmes is to contribute to an effective education system and environment, offering equal opportunities for all children in the Kinshasa focus areas, by strengthening the government education services. The specific aim of the 2nd phase (until March 2021) of this initiative is to:

1. Improve education quality on 64 primary and secondary schools through teacher training, and active teaching and learning methods.

2. Train inspection services in active teaching and learning methods to make them responsible for the adoption and use of these methods.

More information:

https://edukans.org/ https://inactievooredukans.nl/projects/65